As a creative, I understand that a strong concept is a sure fire way to to create captivating and even award winning work. It serves as the backbone for which all other decisions are made, and can ultimately make or break the project. My mission is to team up with you from the beginning to ensure your project is the best, most exciting version of itself it can be. Truth be told it’s one of my favorite aspects of image making, which means I am more than willing to offer any creative ideas into the mix.

Creative Problem Solving

Not everything is clear cut from the onset of a project. You want an astronaut in zero gravity but can’t afford a mission to space? How do we photograph an alligator in the streets of New York City? I’m here to aid in the logistics of a production and offer creative solutions to those problems that arise. Sometimes, a new perspective is all it takes to find the best route of action. If I can save you a few thousand dollars in production costs along the way, then that’s icing on the cake.


Onset Compositing Technician

When working with complex composite images, it is advantageous to have a retoucher on set dealing closely with the photographer and digital tech. More often than not, the set is a hectic place where small details can get overlooked. Those small details can often cascade into much larger problems if not properly tended to. It is much easier to avoid those small mistakes by working in real time assembling rough composites to assess the practicality of the images. Better to find out before the end of a shoot that there isn’t enough extensions to fit layout dimensions, the clothing doesn’t work with the brand colors, or that the product placement is covered by the current layout rather than after the shoot.

Offsite Advising

Color Matching & Proofing


Photographic Realism

The stigma so often associated with retouching is that the resulting images “don’t look real” or “feel off.” There’s a reason that the devil is in the details, and that’s because the project depends on the success of its smallest components. It is my duty to watch over the details with utmost care and even paint them in when required so that everything is in accordance with reality. Matching lighting direction, tweaking shadow falloff, creating detailed hair masks are just a few of my concerns when building the realism that you come to expect.

Beauty & Fashion Retouching

As a retoucher, it is imperative to have a strong understanding of all the components that make up the human body. While skin and hair are often the first to be noticed, it is also important to understand the skeletal structure and how it interacts with the ligaments and muscles. Without this an image can quickly fall flat and become unrealistic. I have been trained under some of the leading master printers in the photo industry which is why photographers and agencies alike trust my decision making when it comes to representing a realistic portrayal of human beauty.

Compositing with CGI/3D